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Been awhile.......

I am so horrible at updating blogs lol.  Heck just look at the pic! That's my youngest at just a few months old - he's now 20 months.

I am 33 weeks today - wow how time flies.  Starting to really try and get in gear and get things ready for this baby's arrival!  I'm working on ordering his cloth diapers from my great friend Michelle over at www.rgnaturalbabies.com .   I got these 2 outfits made up for him the other day and will use one as his coming home outfit:

I need to wash up all the baby clothes my sister sent over from my nephew and get those put away, and my sister in law will be bringing a bassinet by next week.   We're getting there!!!   I'm also working on my birth plan and will have the doula over sometime soon so she can meet dh and we can talk about the plans for the birth.  She's going to be there primarily to take lots and lots of pics, and to coach hubby on how to coach me (he's not very good at that lol).   I've done this 6 times already so pretty much know what to do/expect, but it'll be nice to have the extra voice comforting me throughout.   Now..........fingers just crossed we don't end up with a snow storm on the day he decides to arrive lol.  It already takes 30 minutes to get to the hospital on a good day - and I really prefer Not to give birth in the car along the way.   Being 6' tall - I'd guess that would be quite uncomfortable anyway lol.

Here's my latest belly pic from last week - I've really been slacking on these lately.

Midwife appt's are going great - went last week and up a whopping 44 lbs this pregnancy!!!!  That is twice as much as I've ever gained in any other pregnancy.   I go again on the 12th at 34 weeks and will most likely start weekly visits from there.   Oh!  And I only have 2 more progesterone injections to go!!!!  Will be so glad to be done with those.  Totally worth it though - I really believe that they will get me past the 37 week mark.  I sure hope so, because last thing I want to have to go through is another NICU baby.    I still predict he'll make his appearannce on Feb. 6th so we'll see :)

Guess that's all for now.


19 weeks

I went in for a midwife checkup on 9/28 at 19w2d.  Baby's heartrate was 152, blood pressure 100/50.  I gained Another 8 lbs since last visit so am up to 142 (23 lbs total).  I usually don't gain that much through my entire pregnancies so that amazes me lol.  Everything is looking good and I go back on 10/26.   I've schedule my ultrasound for October 18th so we can see if he's still a he lol.   And I'll have my thyroid ultrasound the same day.

Today 9/30 I had my first visit from the home health nurse and got my first 17P injection (progesterone). She was very nice and will come over every Wednesday to give me the injection until I reach 36 weeks. The coolest part is every time she comes she listens to the baby's heartbeat My kids enjoyed hearing it today and it was 158bpm. She also checks my blood pressure.

The shot was ok, now I just have an annoying cramp feeling in my right hip and butt cheek. The poke itself wasn't bad at all though.

Also got a call from the endocrinoligist office today about the results from all my bloodwork.  My thyroid levels are borderline so still no need for meds Yay!!  My vitamin B12 is pretty low though so I have to start 1,000mcg B12 supplements daily.   I'll have all my levels rechecked in a few weeks.

Guess that's about it, I know I'm really overdue for a new belly pic, will do one soon.  On Saturday I will officially be halfway there!  This pregnancy is going by Super super fast.


It's a BOY!

I got to get a surprise ultrasound today and it's a BOY!!  Here's the first u/s picture from back in July at 7 weeks 2 days:

And these are from September at 15 weeks 3 days:

Fists up ready to fight:

He's waving!

Nice shot of the leg and foot

He's looking at us:


Midwife appointement

Another midwife appt today :)    I gained another 6 lbs bringing the total weight gain now to 15 lbs!!  I've never gained this much this fast during any of my pregnancies so my midwife is very surprised, me too lol.    She picked up the baby's heartbeat right away this time and it was 155 bpm.    My blood pressure was 110/55.    She also said she is pretty sure my insurance will cover the progesterone injections so that is Awesome!!  She also said I can give them to myself at home after getting them at her office about 2 or 3 times just to see how I handle them.   We'll start them some time between 17-20 weeks.......my next appt I will be 19 weeks so I have a feeling she may just wait til then to start them.

I've been feeling pretty good.  I've been feeling the baby move a TON for the past week!  Have had the 'flutters' for a couple weeks now but this past week has been definite, defined movements and this is a Very active baby :)   I love that feeling.    My lower back has been sore and I've been seeing the chiropractor about every other day right now which is helping a Lot, once he can get this one area to 'release' that he's having a hard time with then I can cut down to 1-2 times per week.   I found one that I like very close to home though so that is helpful.   I missed my appt today since I went up to the hospital with my sister so I go back Wednesday.   Oh the heartburn has kicked in pretty bad now too.  Need to go get me a big bottle of Tums.  Once it gets to the point that those quit working then it's back to the nasty old apple cider vinegar (nasty nasty stuff but it works)

Guess that's about it for now.  Oh!!  I got a new newphew today :)  My sister delivered a healthy 8 lb 9 oz baby boy today!


14 week belly pic

Ok so here's me at 14 weeks 5 days pregnant :)  Not much to update really, started going to the chiropractor and I see the midwife on Monday :)


2nd midwife checkup

Had my 2nd midwife appointment today.  Weight up to 128 lbs so I gained 9 lbs YAY!   Blood pressure was 90/50.   She tried to get the baby's heartbeat but couldn't.  I know it's early, I'm not 12 weeks yet, but it still terrifies me.  She also said my uterus is Very retroverted - which is another reason it would be hard to get the h/b and also the reason I am measuring small.  (was measuring around 4-5 weeks at 7 weeks, and now about 7-8 weeks at 11 weeks).  Had my pap today - fun fun.  Have to schedule an appt with the endocrinologist this month.  And also found out the progesterone injections I'll need to get weekly from 17-36 weeks are not covered by insurance and that will cost me around $10 per shot.  But.......if it helps keep me pregnant longer, it's worth it :)

Guess that's about it, I go back Aug. 31st.

Oh and especially for you Deanna lol, here's a belly shot from today.


U/S report good, thyroid report not.

Talked to my midwife yesterday, she said the baby was measuring 7w2d on the ultrasound (I was 7w3d), so pretty much right on target :)

Also got my thyroid results back which weren't good.  I knew they wouldn't be.  So it's off to see the endocrinologist again.  She did say though that they aren't quite as bad as they were last time which is good.  I'm surprised, with how low my weight is I really expected them to be worse than last time.

I go back to see the midwife Aug. 3rd and will schedule with the endo next month too.


Ultrasound Update

After a very restless night, I had my ultrasound yesterday morning :)   I was very relieved to see that little heart beating away - yes..........just one :)  Very relieved about that too!   The u/s tech wouldn't tell me how far along the baby was measuring, I'll talk to my midwife tomorrow.  I'm sure the baby is measuring fine though, I  have no doubt about the day I conceived, and seeing the heartbeat was very reassuring.   I'll post a pic once I get around to hooking my scanner back up.


1st Midwife Appointment

I had my 1st midwife appointment today.  Blood Pressure was 98/54 - on the low side for me which confirms why I've been dizzy so often lately.  Weight was only 119 - not good for being 6' tall.  This is my 4th pregnancy with this midwife so we reviewed my past history and all that good stuff.   Starting at around 17 weeks I will start weekly progesterone injections to try to prevent me from going early again.  And tomorrow morning I will be having an ultrasound.  When she did the exam she said I didn't feel to be 7 weeks.  I was kind of surprised to hear that (I know the exact conception date so there's no question there) and I completely spaced out asking her how many weeks I was measuring.  So I don't know if I'm measuring big or small.  Based on where she was feeling on my abdomen, I'm assuming I was measuring big.   My kids have been telling me for weeks that I'm having twins.  YIKES!!  I just really hope everything is ok.   I'm really starting to fear I'm going to go in there tomorrow morning and hear bad news :(    But I guess the fact that I have plenty of pregnancy symptoms, no cramping or bleeding, and have had positive hpt's for 4 weeks now (first one on June 7, and they did another today) are all good signs....................right?

I will update after I get back tomorrow.  Hopefully with great news.


First belly pics.

I try to do weekly belly pics each pregnancy (although I forget most weeks lol).   So here's the start of the pics for this pregnancy.  Granted there's nothing there yet but a little bit of bloating lol, but I think it's fun to watch the belly grow from start to finish so here it is.


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