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Been awhile.......

I am so horrible at updating blogs lol.  Heck just look at the pic! That's my youngest at just a few months old - he's now 20 months.

I am 33 weeks today - wow how time flies.  Starting to really try and get in gear and get things ready for this baby's arrival!  I'm working on ordering his cloth diapers from my great friend Michelle over at www.rgnaturalbabies.com .   I got these 2 outfits made up for him the other day and will use one as his coming home outfit:

I need to wash up all the baby clothes my sister sent over from my nephew and get those put away, and my sister in law will be bringing a bassinet by next week.   We're getting there!!!   I'm also working on my birth plan and will have the doula over sometime soon so she can meet dh and we can talk about the plans for the birth.  She's going to be there primarily to take lots and lots of pics, and to coach hubby on how to coach me (he's not very good at that lol).   I've done this 6 times already so pretty much know what to do/expect, but it'll be nice to have the extra voice comforting me throughout.   Now..........fingers just crossed we don't end up with a snow storm on the day he decides to arrive lol.  It already takes 30 minutes to get to the hospital on a good day - and I really prefer Not to give birth in the car along the way.   Being 6' tall - I'd guess that would be quite uncomfortable anyway lol.

Here's my latest belly pic from last week - I've really been slacking on these lately.

Midwife appt's are going great - went last week and up a whopping 44 lbs this pregnancy!!!!  That is twice as much as I've ever gained in any other pregnancy.   I go again on the 12th at 34 weeks and will most likely start weekly visits from there.   Oh!  And I only have 2 more progesterone injections to go!!!!  Will be so glad to be done with those.  Totally worth it though - I really believe that they will get me past the 37 week mark.  I sure hope so, because last thing I want to have to go through is another NICU baby.    I still predict he'll make his appearannce on Feb. 6th so we'll see :)

Guess that's all for now.


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